At the mouth of the longest river in Italy

At the mouth of the longest river in Italy

Po Delta. The Delta Park is the largest among the regional parks. It occupies the major portion of the territory of the regions of Veneto and Emilia Romagna, from Porto Tolle in Ravenna, via Po of Goro, the Valleys of Comacchio, the Piallasse Ravenna, the Saline di Cervia, inland wetlands freshwater Valleys Campotto, woods and pine forests, such as the Forest of Mesola and the Pinewood of San Vitale.

The Delta area is full of important monuments, especially in Emilia Romagna with the Abbey of Pomposa and Sant’Apollinare in Classe.

At Taglio di Po you can embark on a cruise for a day at the mouth of the longest river in Italy: the tour also includes an optional visit to the regional museum of the reclamation of Ca’ Vendramin.
The park is a valuable deposit of evidence of the relationship between man and nature, with an impressive amount of culverts and artifacts regulatory hydraulic transformed into a museum, as the dewatering of Ca’ Vendramin in Porto Tolle.
In the Delta, nature, history, tradition, culture and art are intertwined, offering visitors a new landscape and amazing. Delta stand different environments, each with unique characteristics: the countryside with riverbeds, fossil dunes, dykes, floodplains, the fishing ponds, lagoons or pockets and the benches.

The Delta is rich in opportunities for excursions on foot, by bike and by boat, but also to learn about the reality of fishing as farms mussels and clams in the Sacca of Scardovari and enjoy traditional cooking fish in hundreds of restaurants scattered between courses water marsh and mirrors, as Valle Ca’ Pisani, where there is one of the fish farms saltwater most qualified and innovative in Italy.

Suggestion. To experience the charm of the Delta, passengers should go to Pila, where you can embark for a few hours between the channels, the reeds and fish farms in the area, and go to the beautiful deserted beach of Scanno Boa reachable only by boat. Alternatively, you can end the day among the nature trails of the flood plain of Ca’ Pisani or on the beach Boccasette.

The river looks far away, and already sees the end of the long journey; a blue thread closes the way, breaks it forever; the sea! the sea! (Giuseppe Fanciulli)

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