Cycling between land and water

Cycling between land and water

The route runs between 2 small villages and long stretches along the banks of canals and rivers. In Civè, the water pump that can only be visited from outside is worth a visit. An obligatory stop halfway is the naturalistic oasis of Ca’ di Mezzo which constitutes a phytodepuration laboratory of international interest with paths and ponds with a viewing point of the fauna that populates the oasis. A short and relaxing path in the characteristic Venetian lagoon countryside.

A path that combines relaxation and enchanting nature, between canals, cultivated fields and places of great naturalistic interest

Points of interest

  • The dewatering pump of Civè (visible only the characteristic external artifact: it is near the center)
  • The dewatering pump of Ca’ Bianca
  • Naturalistic oasis of Ca’ di Mezzo
  • River path of the Bacchiglione river
[title]The cycling route[/title]

Length: 17.4
Starting point and arrival: Agriturismo Zennare
Difficulty: completely flat route
Estimated time: about 3 hours with a recommended stop at the Oasis of Ca’ di Mezzo
Recommended period: all year round, but during the summer it becomes more demanding due to the lack of trees
Type: 70% on asphalted roads, for a 30% unpaved road; largely on roads with limited or neighborhood traffic
Strengths: flat path between the waterways that intersect numerous in this territory; long sections without traffic, extraordinary naturalistic views, refreshment points
Weaknesses: lack of trees and public fountains

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