And the sea regains ground

And the sea regains ground

Vallevecchia. Near Caorle, North of Venice, you can visit one of the most interesting lagoon valleys, at least because of the efforts of the Veneto Region in the work of restoration and environmental requalification, even for agro tourism, one of the most typical environmental attractions of the Venetian lagoon areas: the oasis of Vallevecchia.

The area, as it is seen today by the visitor, is a unique synthesis of the multiple transformations of the environment implemented in coastal and lagoon area by man in historical times recently.
The environmental restoration plan of Vallevecchia has among one of its aims the improvement of the agricultural landscape, the restoration of some specific environmental conditions of the area and the safeguard of the same from the environmental impact caused by an uncontrolled attendance.

In a few decades, this coastal area between Caorle and Bibione, suffered first from the cleaning up of the original marshy environment, then the transformation to farm extensively, to be ultimately one of the most important environmental restoration area that has led to the re flooding of large areas and forest plantation of over 120 hectares.

You can visit this area in a day, either on foot or by bicycle provided by Oasis direction.

For more detailed information, please visit the Oasis site

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