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A natural oasis in the middle of the lagoon

Averto valley. The lagoon is the area of ​​coastline where the sea rests wedged into the ground, which is modelled according to its moods welcoming large brackish water called valleys. Fishermen have used these places as fishing site since the ancient time.

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Among the summer residences of Dogi

Riviera del Brenta. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Brenta Canal, connecting Venice to Padua, was the fashionable canal, place of delight and ideal extension of the Grand Canal in Venice, where flourished more than forty luxurious villas, summer residences of the Venetian nobility which still witness centuries-old architectural culture.

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And the sea regains ground

Vallevecchia. Near Caorle, North of Venice, you can visit one of the most interesting lagoon valleys, at least because of the efforts of the Veneto Region in the work of restoration and environmental requalification, even for agro tourism, one of the most typical environmental attractions of the Venetian lagoon areas: the oasis of Vallevecchia.

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